The company


    Benhamadi Group

    On 1948, about half a century ago in the east of Algeria, Mr. Mohamed Taher Benhamadi started a humble trade of foodstuffs and transportation: that was indeed the very first activity and the beginning of the brilliant story of Benhamadi Group

    In 1954 and progressively, the little trade has grown and became the Benhamadi Group which has selected a location for its first plant in the industrial zone of Bordj Bou Arreridj.

    Since then, Benhamadi Group has evolved a strong expansion, supported by efficient and organized human resources to become one of the largest industrial group with several strategic business sectors: electronics, renewable energies, construction, metal construction, business and agriculture.

    Now, Benhamadi Group is la leader in the electronic production and its well-known brand condor is a bestseller in many countries


    Gerbior Mill is the pioneer in its field since its establishment in 2002, offering the best semolina and flour quality thanks to the strong involvement of the management and staffs

    In order to satisfy the wants and the needs of various customers
    and consumers, Gerbior makes heavy investments to continue to improve in terms of quality and volume production

    Extra Benhamadi the new Trademark of Gerbior has been created on 2013 when the acquisition of Gipates, a local Couscous and pasta manufacture, was concretized.

    Since that time, Extra Benhamadi achieved a dominant market position in both of Couscous and Pasta products segments and enjoys a strong brand awareness from Algerian consumers

    Gerbior owns 2 other trademarks Lella and Zyna in order to match other targeted consumer needs