Our history

The Gerbior mills have been able to count on the performance and know-how of their teams to develop high quality semolina and flour since their launch in 2002.

Couscous and pasta segments experienced an outstanding growth with the acquisition of Gipates in 2013 and the start-up of Gerbior in 2018

Our Expertise

To achieve its current position, Gerbior has built its expansion on a solid corporate structure and a competent human resources and organization in order to diversify its range of quality products and present actually its know-how

Extra quality

For Gerbior, Quality is deeply rooted in the culture of the company. It begins with the first link in the chain, the choice of the best wheat.

A modern industry

Extra Benhamadi has a fully automated production unit with high technology and at the same time has been able to adopt production processes that preserve the best quality of the products.

Pâtes longues


A range of Pasta that continues to grow, Extra Benhamadi has exclusively 3 different sizes of spaghetti: 250g, 500g and 1kg

Pâtes courtes


Short pasta Extra are available in more than 14 varieties and ensure a certain freedom of recipes and a multitude of ways of cooking



Because Couscous is sacred and so inspiring in local Cuisine, Extra Benhamadi has exceptional know-how in the manufacture of couscous to offer a quality and taste that honour our culinary traditions



From bread to biscuits, cookies to cakes, modern or traditional recipes, baking is the art of turning Extra Benhamadi flour into (delicious) food. Extra Flour from carefully selected wheat, perfectly suited for various preparations, is the assurance of the success of your modern or traditional recipes.


Superior quality products, Extra semolina exists in 3 varieties, fine, medium and thick semolina. Extra semolina perfectly respects culinary traditions.


Extra Benhamadi has developed its Integral range consisting of couscous & whole wheat pasta naturally rich in fibre which are perfectly integrated into the daily diet while ensuring taste and balance!

Why choose our products

meilleur blé

Best Wheats

Choosing the best qualities of wheat is necessary to offer you a quality product.

Usine moderne

Modern factory

An ultra-modern production line with an optimized production process on each stage.

Contrôle qualité

Quality control

A very strict quality policy at each level of production according to international standards and specifications


Our contact details

Adress : SARL GERBIOR R.N N’5,Lachbour, Bordj Bou Arreridj, Algérie

Phone : +213 (0)35 76 51 15

Fax : +213 (0)35 76 51 17

Emails :     info@extra.dz