Preparation Time: 25 min Cooking time: 90min


500g Extra Soft Semolina
500g Extra Flour
2 onions
2 tablespoons concentrated tomato
1 bowl of oil
1 bunch of oregano
1 small piece of chopped hot chili pepper
Salt, paprika, pepper

Preparation instruction
Remember to have a spacious worktop to spread the dough


The Dough
Mix semolina and flour, add the salt. Gradually pour warm water while kneading intil you get a dough that is neither hard nor fluid
Knead well for 1 hour until you hear clicks from the dough,
Soak the fingertips with a little oil to divide the dough into small balls. Place them on a lightly oiled large plate and cover
The sauce
In a pot or pan, put the oil with diced onions, concentrated tomato, salt, paprika, pepper the oregano and the piece of chili pepper. Add some water and cook for few minutes
Making Mhadjeb
On a well –oiled surface, place the small ball of dough and spread it very finely, being careful to not tear up it, soak your fingers in oil, pulling the ends of the dough because it is elastic while keeping always its shape which is a circle.
Add 1 spoon of tomato sauce and spread it a little, then fold the ends of the dough to obtain a square
Place the Mahdjouba on the hot tadjine, greased previously on a slightly low heat, then sprinkle a little oil on it and cook in on the other side
Do the same with the others balls until the dough and the sauce are used up

Good to Know:
The Tadjine is an algerian tray made of font or pottery specially reserved to cook bread or traditional pastas
Mahdjouba is the singular name of this layered flatbread, the plural is the well-known Mhadjeb